Monday, March 2, 2015

Tree House Brewery Expansion - and CANS!

Tree House Brewery has developed substantially over the past two years into far and away the highest quality brewery in Western Massachusetts.  It started from a humble background in the backyard of the family homestead of one of the founders.  After legal troubles with the town and neighbors, which prompted a move from Brimfield to another family member's farm in Monson, the brewery was operating out of a small temporary space, using a 5 barrel brew system.  During this period of time, the brewery continued to gain notoriety both in the community and on the internet, for both its hoppy beers such as mainstays Julius, Green and Haze to their dark beers including Double Shot and all its variants as well as their most "hyped" beer Good Morning, made with local maple syrup.  They even released a bottled offering of a saison called Lucid.  Now, they have outgrown their 5 barrel system and the temporary structure and are moving into a much larger 30 barrel system across the road in a newly constructed building.  They have purchased canning equipment and have already had several test batches of cans including Lights Out and Green.  Things continue to look positive for Tree House, with the promise of expanded hours, larger batch sizes, and the continued ability to pump out creative new brews on the smaller brewing system.  All of it is very exciting!

Tree House Brewery
160 Hill Road 
Monson, MA

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