Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tree House Lights On

Tree House Brewery consisntently releases beers that amaze me.  A recent release for them, and the first from their new larger brew system is called Lights On.  The copy from TH's guys is "A modern American Pale Ale brewed to celebrate a new beginning here at Tree House! Lights On pours a gorgeous hazy orange in the glass, releasing an aroma filled with a bounty of sweet fresh fruit. We taste papaya, guava, and mango - a fresh and distinctive flavor profile that’s wholly Tree House. Buoyed by a soft and fluffy mouthfeel, Lights On is a delight to drink. We’re excited to share it with you!"  According to the head brewer, Nate, this is similar to the Lights Out beer released recently, but utilizes Mosiac hops over Citra.

Another success.

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